I'm Running for YLC-BC

Across the country, the Young Liberals of Canada are doing great things. We’re leading the change to make sure we elect a Justin Trudeau Liberal Government.

Here in this province, Young Liberals have hit the ground running, taking leading positions in campaigns, working with local candidates, and running some of the strongest campus clubs around.

I’m tremendously proud that we have strong Indigenous candidates across the country, and around BC. The work that the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission has done, in tandem with delegates and Liberals young and old from across the country has succeeded in attracting quality candidates. While there’s still progress to be made, we should celebrate the candidacies of so many strong Indigenous peoples, while recognizing that other roles in the party still underrepresent Indigenous peoples and women, like riding president and campaign manager.

I want to do my part to make this better. 

In this spirit, I would like to build on our successes as a Party. I am putting my name forward for the Young Liberals of Canada in British Columbia Executive as the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission Representative to the YLC-BC.

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Welcome to my blog

Over the years, I've started so many different blogs on so many different sites. And, as I'm learning more about web design and have discovered that Nationbuilder is my favourite platform for basically everything, I have decided to use my personal blog as my own Nationbuilder sandbox, therefore, killing two birds with one stone.

I'll have some posts up soon enough. Knowing me, they'll be about politics and the local community. 

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